Chamomile Tea 0.35oz.


Chamomile is a popular plant in the house of Brazilian families, although it has a larger crop in North America and is used to cure, feed and perfume, among other uses. The most common derived from..

Herb tea - Boldo do Chile 0.35oz


Drink one delicious glass every day. Your taste buds will love this - and so will your body. Among the healthiest fruits on earth.Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from..

Lemon Grass Tea 0.35oz.


The Lemon Grass is often used to treat digestive problems and as a sedative. Can ensure a good night's sleep. Also contains soothing properties, diuretic, analgesic, antimicrobial, healing, tonic, sed..

Passion Fruit Tea 0.53oz.


In addition to the sedative and analgesic action, which are responsible for the fame of the passion fruit as a natural tranquilizer, the fruit is also known for healthy weight loss action.Product ima..

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