About Us

About Us

Brazil By The Bay Market Have you ever thought about online shopping Brazilian Products such as , Brazilian grocery, and snacks in the US? Brazil By The Bay Market is Brazilian store where you can buy your favorite products from anywhere in the US and have them delivered to your house or office.


Monday - 9AM – 8PM

Tuesday - 9AM – 8PM

Wednesday - 9AM – 8PM

Thursday - 9AM – 8PM

Friday - 9AM – 8PM

Saturday - 9AM – 8PM

Sunday - 10AM – 8PM

What Clients Say

“This place is the Bomb!!!! Our company Christmas party was here a couple days ago and i literally can not get enough of there tri-tip appetizer plae. I have eaten for three days straight now. YUM YUM YUM!!! ALSO THE PEOPLE ARE PRETTY COOL TOO!! Another thing that is Awesome is most of there food is gluten free..”

Joanna Lee


“Brazillian food and beverages. Nice staff, good price and samba music.”

Francisco Nakao Jr.


“The real Brazilian food, and nice place.”

Aninha barbosa